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Comprehensive product supply

The company has accumulated more than ten years of industry experience, with a wide range of product sources, offers a variety of baked thousands of raw and auxiliary materials. Extensive product line is not only beneficial to meet different customer needs, but also for customers a variety of solutions provided by operating activities.
Rich factory resources
Multiple vendors work together to carry out the baking exhibition, providing customers with the trend of the bakery market information, advanced baking management marketing model, mutual promotion and improve the overall level of the entire baking area. Meanwhile, the combination of stores demand, can be arranged on-site bakery technologist guidance and technical services to provide customers with professional solutions.
Crack marketing team
The company has a number of marketing teams, the implementation of simulated entity management, independent accounting, to play an active and creative marketing staff, reducing layers of management, reflect the principles of lean and efficient marketing team throughout the country and outside the province, in the most professional spirit, and establish a sound efficient service system, with the highest quality service, to provide you with more convenience.
Convenient delivery service
We currently have around Shantou, Huizhou, Meizhou, Shanwei, Zhangzhou company, distribution progressively expanded distribution Corporation Shantou Shantou Chenghai, South Australia, Chaoyang, tide south, benefits to Puning, Raoping, Chaozhou, Jieyang, Zhaoan other regions, customers can call the next one, we will arrange delivery depending on the line.
Huge logistics support
Our logistics warehouse management, warehouse supporting facilities, totaling more than 20 sets of delivery vehicles, and actively with the fastest efficiency to meet customer demand. We provide regular training to improve the overall quality of the logistics staff, "sincere smile · · · communication focused" service to every customer.


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